Data is a two edge sword

There are an increasing trend of data analytics as Cloud technologies have enabled cheaper access to obtain data. Many organisations are scrambling to create and hire data analytics resources. As many are aware, data is always a two edge sword. How should you be managing data correctly? I will show you a simple checklist to evaluate your data awareness.

Favourable Data Checklist
  • Do you have data quality best practices in place?
  • Do you have data sensitive resources?
  • Do you conduct data historical review consistently to review trends and business performance?
Unfavourable Data Checklist
  • Data is as good as what you can record.
  • Dirty data is as good as no data.
  • Data have no meaning when the blind is leading the analysis.

In short, do not jump into the data bandwagon blindly. If you are misleaded by data, you are worst than having no data. Always implement good processes and quality practices to ensure good data quality. Data analytics can only be amplified and fully utilised with good business and IT alignment.


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