IoT 101

Internet of Things (IoT) is coming strong to the typical consumers. Those in manufacturing will know that this is not a new technology. The explosion of IoT adoption comes from two key factors, the ease of deployment with Cloud and the falling prices of sensors.

What is IoT?

Historically, manufacturing environment needs to be controlled to ensure the product is consistent e.g. temperature, humidity or lighting lumens. Sensors are placed through the manufacturing plant to know the product production, and size and control with full or semi automated processes. Data are fed to the main control room to track all the things in the production floor. What if this concept can be applied for consumer to keep track of devices, things or even temperature like a home?


Learning from manufacturing, data can be obtained from the devices as long the main control or console can interpret the information. For a while, this is achieved in decentralized manner using a variety of existing technology like WiFi or Bluetooth. With Cloud Technologies, providers are able to provide IoT consoles to connect various devices with API connectors. Now, layman can easily setup Smart Home with simple setup. Logistics providers can use GPS to track vehicles with SIM cards.

If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!

Brendan O’Brien

For more readings, you can check out these books on IoT.


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