Track and Trace in Asia Supply Chain

Big brother is here to stay. Required by COVID-19 pandemic, humans are now trackable in Singapore.Everyone and everywhere will need to be check in to log your presence. A pandemic is needed to remove the resistance to being tracked. Do you know that this resistance is also a challenge of IoT to track and trace the goods in supply chain?

Source SafeEntry App
Hiding our Movement

In my younger days, working in warehouse and helping with delivery runs do let you know the perks of not being tracked. If you are able to complete your run earlier, you can run the rest of the clock till knock off. This is the key reason why majority of transportation face resistance in Asia countries. This is the reason that drivers are lower paid in Asia and there are no incentives to be traceable.

Freelancing is High Cost Tracking

Many drivers are also freelance or daily wage in Asia. This means the tracking by the usage of your vehicles or drivers are not feasible as they are not under official employment of your truckers. That will also translate to tracking by cargo instead of utilising your vehicles or drivers. Thus, this incur higher cost to your cargo track and Trace.

A common resistance to track and trace in Asia is ironically due to the cheap labour and supply chain. These factors in transport industry create a strong barriers and resistance to track and trace implementation in Asia. The technologies are ready but are consumers prepare to pay for visibility?


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