Why RPA is Useless?

There are too many clicks for this software feature. You could use RPA.

A business user

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) have been steadily gaining popularity recently. Supposedly, it become a quick fix for underlying issues like too many clicks. In contrast, I find that this is a big step back from many improvements such as BPR (Business Process Re-engineering), UI/UX and Rules Automation.

RPA for the Wrong Reason
  • Too many clicks spoil the system feature.
  • Developers creates many linking UI for relational data.
  • The product feature cannot be changed.
  • The user wants to use Excel for their data inputs.
What should have been Done
  • Change of business process to streamline data updates.
  • Redesign of UI/UX or usage of Chatbots
  • Consider usage of NoSQL database for complex business scenarios.
  • Evaluate products with support of API and customised plugins
  • If users insist comparing data inputs with Excel as data inputs, it is time for some serious change management!

The repackage of scripting and automated testing in the guise of RPA is truly a marketing genius! It is no wonder that many have fallen to the this gimmick. It is worth to considering fundamental concepts to solve root cause instead of using RPA to automate the issue.


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