Less is More

In the UI/UX world, there is a design philosophy of “Less is More”. The best example is the battle of search engines where Google triumph over its rivals like Yahoo and Alta Vista with its bold landing page. I am still advocate of such design and clean uncluttered UI/UX still wow me over like Google.

Photo by Ethan Kwok
The Rationale of Less

I enjoy using the rule of 5 and 8 for UI/UX. This rule is related to the amount of short term memory users can remember. This, users enjoy simple approach to achieve their tasks. This can be 5 to 8 steps for achieving your system goals. You can relate this rule for 5 to 8 common menu or views. One such UI/UX features is the “Favorite” where you can bookmark your commonly used features.


There is a misconception of using RPA to overcome complex and misguided UI. Rather than using RPA, you should always seeks to improve the user experiences. UI/UX provides better approach to reduce users fatigues and steps without the need of additional overhead costs like RPA.

So, if you have a choice of investing in either UI/UX or RPA. Do go for the tried and tested UI/UX philosophy instead of looking at the novelty of RPA.


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