Amazon Affiliate is not Useful

After a period of testing Amazon Affiliate, I realise it is not as useful as I thought. It is only for high volume website and you will be deactivated for zero sales after a period of time. For new startup or website, there is little incentives to get this.

As a reminder, Associate accounts that have not referred three required sales to within 180 days of sign-up will be automatically rejected.
Affiliate Program

Product mix is important as Amazon Affiliate is mainly focus toward physical goods like books. In reality, the theme of the blog plays a part in these affiliate programs. Not all are really suitable. On the whole, there are many fine prints with these programs and they tend to distract you from your overall content.

Not a Must Have

For new website, it is really not worth the time and effort to setup affiliate program. You may be face with a need to turn in a minimum sales like Amazon Affiliate program. Since traffic is usually low, it will take some time to generate much user volume. In addition, these program may even require actual sale of certain product instead pay per click program.

Overall, affiliate program are potential revenue streams. However, it is not suitable for new website or eShop. You are better off to focus in content creation rather than relying your website with affiliate program.


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