Review in Setting up Amazon Affiliate Program

The thought of joining Amazon Affiliate Program never really crossed my mind until I read that it is part of the recommended popular affiliate program to monetize WordPress beside using WordAds. In short, I am curious to give it a go to see how it will work out in this blog.

Amazon Affiliate Program Singapore
  1. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program. Remember to choose the right country. In my case, that will be in Amazon Affiliate Program Singapore.
  2. Sign up using social media or create your own account. For instance, you could use Gmail.
  3. Update your blog URL and details.
  4. Update your bank information for payment purpose.
  5. Update your tax details as required for your country.
  6. Once done, search for the product and “Get Link”.
  7. You can copy the Amazon URL and paste it easily into your blog links.

To my surprise, all the registration and updates take less than an hour. It is a seamless process and very easy to do. If you want more advanced information, you can check out some of these books to level up your Amazon Affiliate Program

Overall, it was a no brainer to activate Amazon Affiliate Program. So, I highlight recommend you to give it a test drive. I will be checking back in half a year later to see how well the affiliate program fare for me. Stay tuned!


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