Love Hate Macro

Anyway who have done macro will usually love to hate it! Macro can literally be a product of legacy achievement with headache and a consolation to excel users. Yes, this is how frustrating Macro can be. Are you someone who is trying to eliminate Excel macro?

Macro Standpoint

Macro is like a nowwhere application that is not data friendly. If you ever tried watching PiP (Picture-in-picture), you will know how macro will feel within Excel. I usually like to relate macro to RPA where we are trying to automate the wrong part of the processes with users reluctance to exit Excel. With the move of Microsoft to Cloud, macro will face a timely death in the next 5 years or so.

Macro Ocean to River

Sadly, I am a creator of macro but not a supporter of it. Building a macro is like trying to get the ocean into a river. Excel allows users flexibility to create different worksheets, rows and columns. Data is free flow and macro is trying to make sense of this ocean and empty it into a river. This is a total nightmare to your support team.

Moving forward, do reduce the reliance of macro as a low cost way of data input. Will the move to Cloud will present a shift to “Cloud macro”? Many upgrades and cloud migration are already putting a strain to these change to the macro. Where you will stand?


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