Macros Tips

Wonder if anyone just remember Visual Basic (VB)? If you have, you will feel at ease with Excel Macro and its IDE (Integrated Development Environment. Macro is a strange world that exist between developer and users.


Keep It Short and Simple is the first and most important tip of macro. If you find yourself building an entire application, it will mean that you are using the wrong solution. In many ways, macro is similar to RPA (Robotics Process Automation). You should not solution full fledged data driven application with dependency to your system.

Breakpoint, Add Watch and Step Into

The second most important tip you need to learn is the mastery of breakpoint, add watch and step into debugging. Owning to the local copy of each macro, you will find yourself checking every copies of macro floating around your ecosystems. This can really a be pain in the maintenance process. One way to manage is to master the debugging features. This is really the highlights as these features enable you to trace your macro issues quickly.

Macro is a legacy chapter in development which will be phase out in future. Meanwhile, I still need to manage and maintain my love hate relationship with Macro. These two tips are the most useful for anyone who want to maintain macro till it goes away for good.


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