Chatbot Channel

Chatbot can be challenging for the different channel unless you are going for full text display. Channels are chat application like WhatsApp, Teams, WeChat, Telegram or LINE, Users are so used to text formatting and GUI that they are spoilt for these display. Chatbot channel is like the days of SMS where you can only display limited important text is a straight line.

Chatbot Channel Consideration

If your Chatbot is going to be suitable for different channel, you will need to consider a universal full text or code for different channel. What will be your choice? There are so many types of channel or chat applications around. How should you choose and select the right channel to focus on? These are some quick tips to help you make your choice.

  • User Base Location – different countries adopt chat application locally eg WeChat in China.
  • Ease of Customisation – Telegram is customised friendly and popular with developers.
  • Cost – Some chat application like WhatsApp needs a paid business account.
Channel Testing

The major efforts of Chatbot Channel development is actually spend on testing. There will be a lot of trial and error as you attempt to develop a single view for different channel. What looks great on emulator will differs in laptop and mobile? You will need a lot of time to tweak spacings for each channels on different devices.

Welcome to Chatbot development! Be patience and happy testing.


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