Chatbot and Responsive Web Design

There are many Chatbot options for different channels like Ms Teams, WhatsApp, WeChat or Web. Each channel have its characteristics and efforts to be displayed nicely. You can try to use responsive web design (RWD) if your Chatbot have a web version.

Why RWD for Chatbot

Building a Chatbot for all channels are impossible. As mentioned in Chatbot channel selection, web is usually the default preferred channel. Many devices can support web with the main browser like Chrome and Safari. Using RWD will help your Chatbot to display properly across different screensize. If you are evaluating Chatbot, you can include RWD support for web as a key criteria.

Omnichannel with RWD

Your user reach is also a key reason for RWD in your web. Since mobile devices is a key factor for user reach, you will find it time consuming to include mobile development in your roadmaps. RWD approach allows Chatbot to be standardise for omnichannel. This reduces your time to market and increases user reach globally without the need of specific channel.

A key consideration of Chatbot is to default web as your main channel. You must test the Chatbot web to be compatible with RWD. Combining these 2 approaches will help you ready your Chatbot to be used globally.


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