Chatbot Native or Translated Languages

Today I encounter an interesting concept with ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) Chatbot with native or translation languages support. A key part of Chatbot is NLP (Natural Language Processing). This is viewed in two ways in the IT world either natively or translated form.

Why Native Language Support

By default, do use Chatbot native language support. You should only switch to translation services if you cannot find your desired languages. Native support provide trained NLP model. The chat is interpreted in its native language rather than the standard one. Thus, the type of native language must be decided when you are going to design your Chatbot.

Handling Translated Language

If the option of native language option is not available, you have no choice but to use translation services. However, translation services are highly unreliable. Instead, you must factor efforts to setup your language pack to translate some of your texts properly . Do consider to maintain and update these language pack for different types of language sub-type if you are going global e.g. zh-cn, zh-tw.

In summary, a major efforts for your Chatbot will involve languages localisation. Do check the type of language support for your Chatbot. Although translation services is convenient, it is still unreliable and efforts are needed to maintain accurate translated texts.


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