Why Translation Services for ODA

In my previous post, I have been testing on different languages with ODA using native language. While testing non native languages with translation service, I had found out a major constraint with ODA. You cannot mix native and translation type in a single skills or digital assistant. This is a big concern if your Chatbot is to be deployed for multiple sites across different countries.

Constraint of Native and Translation in ODA

When you cannot mix native and translation, it means you will need to choose a single type. These are the constraints that force you to choose a type.

  • You cannot version skill from native to translation type.
  • You cannot clone skill with native language to translation type.
  • Digital Assistant cannot include skills with native and translation type.
  • A channel cannot only be used for a single external bot. This means 2 Bots needs to be created for native and translation type.
  • You cannot export skill to switch from native to translation type.
Translation Choice

If you are engaging users globally, do not waste time to test the native version. Instead, you must choose the translation choice by default. Do set the language to the most commonly used for your non native language. Be assured that translation choice can also identify native languages. The only drawback is that ODA will need to detect the language type. In addition, you will need to update resource bundles for different languages to be accurate.

Overall, the language selection is clearcut. You cannot set English and use translation service at the same time. Once you identify the need for non native languages, you must use translation option.


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