A Tale of Two Cities

Cloud and On premise reminds me of A Tale of Two Cities. One is being replaced gradually without the other having knowledge of it. It is not surprising some teams will remain in self denial of the proliferation of Cloud.

Similarities and Revolution

Cloud is nothing new and have been around for decades like hosted servers or managed services. The revolution comes about in the form of Digital Transformation from need for larger and larger server capacity in a particular entity and virtualisation. Suddenly, everyone jumps to the bandwagon as costs plummets with competition. However, not all teams are challenged to change.

How this Ends?

If you are familiar with the ending of the story, Darnay is knocked unconscious while being replaced by Carton for the guillotine. Does this sounds familiar if you are belonging to the teams who are not on Cloud? In many organisations, this replacement are taking place without involvement of on premise team. In most case, decisions are done at top management level and the teams are only engaged during migration. What a stark reminder to being at the guillotine!

A Tale of Two Cities are playing out at many organisations. However, it is a good suggestion that this should not be the plot. The ending is not pleasant for many. It is time we revisit the playbook and mirror another tale!


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