ODA Questions and Answers 101

In my continuation of ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) testing, I managed to try out the QnA (Questions and Answers) together with Answer Intent. They was 2 separate features but having similar objective. QnA is certainly a time consuming feature to test. In the end, I had tried out Answer Intent because of a cryptic error for QnA. While these features are similar, I have yet to uncover any noticeable pros and cons over each other. More time will be required to uncover the characteristics of these features.

Configuration Process

QnA Configuration is easy for English language and tricky for Chinese language. Luckily, QnA have included Chinese. You will need to save the csv in UTF if you want to upload QnA correctly. Multilingual setup is still challenging and I hope that this will be a default seamless process in future. Surprisingly, Answer Intent seems more straightforward and easier to configure. I will need to evaluate further if it is worthwhile to convert QnA to Answer Intent.

Thoughts so Far

It is really convenient to setup your knowledge in your Chatbot. A lot of efforts will be required to digitise these knowledge into QnA or Answer Intent. However, I still find these features to be too technical for business users. Moving forward, these features could be maintained separately by customer experience (CX) team who are less technically inclined. It is also difficult to configure multi languages as these needs to be separately and setup individually as a language rather than a product view.

QnA and Answer Intent should be a layman features. These should be built to be maintained by CX team and to be integrated by developers. We will expect to see these features separated in future.


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