How to Create a Knowledge Base Chatbot

A very useful feature of Chatbot is to turn your user guide into an interactive knowledge base for users. In ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant), this is the QnA feature. You can even upload some popular translated version of your user guide into QnA.

For new users to your application, they are often lost on how to start using your application. Traditional approach is user guide or demo. Some will conduct training workshops. With COVID-19, this is not cost effective as we are not bound by location or timezone.

Building your Lexicon

A first step is to load your lexicon to Chatbot that will define the languages used for your application. The AI enabled Chatbot will learn with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand user queries. Lexicon serve as a baseline to set your application domain language. For example, booking can means orders or delivery in logistics domain.

Content Create in Chatbot

Once you define your lexicon, it is time to include the contents such as user guide into your Chatbot. These contents can even include cheatsheet, cookbook, sharepoint documents or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You will never get the desired results from the start. It is a progressive and continuous tweaking as you build your knowledge base in Chatbot.

Chatbot is changing the way we create our knowledge base. These AI enabled Chatbot will aim to understand smartly user queries and provide the best results. It is time you setup your content in Chatbot.


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