Cloud Dictionary

The world of Cloud is merging to a common language. This is because different cloud providers are coopetitors to offer compatibility across their cloud. One of the market leader are setting many of their terms in the dictionary. These are some common cloud terms you will find useful.

Most Common Cloud Terms

Some of the common cloud terms are listed for quick references:

  • Bucket – Cloud storage or your hard disk equivalent
  • Region – The geographical area where your cloud server is physically located.
  • Assets or Resource – Your server, storage or applications.
  • Container – Application for deployment that are meant to be isolated from other processes
  • ACL (Access Control List) – Your security policies and rules for managing access to your assets.
  • Tags – Setting a tag with value helps with search and reporting.
  • Shell or CLI (Command Line interface) – Black terminal screen or console to allow you to use command line instead of user interface for configuring your cloud.
  • Serverless – Serverless Application Model (SAM) that allows you to run functions without the need of server.

There are a long lists and these are the most common ones for starters. I will continue to add as I come across these common terms.


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