Multicloud Managment

Multicloud management is becoming a challenge when you are trying to tabulate your overall TCO (total cost of ownership). You will also require a broad set of cloud skillset across different cloud providers. Most organisations will adopt multicloud due to migration of legacy systems to cloud. Another reasons are the strengths of each cloud providers. How should you prepare towards multicloud management?

Cross Functional Cloud Team

Cloud providers have a common dictionary and concepts. You should start to develop your resources to acquire a general cloud skillset. It is also time that you build a cross functional team for managing your cloud assets across different providers. The team must be adept to tabulate and normalise cloud consumptions across different platform. This team will also assist in best Cloud practices. However, the team is not to be a replacement of COE (Center of Excellence). Many organisations refer this team as a Digital Transformation team.

Multicloud Vision

As legacy migrate to cloud, it is estimated that your future applications should be cloud in 5 years time. Thus, it is time to formulate multicloud strategies and vision for your organisation. The vision will steer your multicloud managment into these approaches:

  • Centralised Multicloud will seek to view all your cloud usage in a single view and manage from a control tower vision.
  • Regional Multicloud approach leverage cloud providers selection and consumptions at a regional levels due to timezone and locations.
  • Applications Centric approach builds from transition of on premise application to Cloud.

Multicloud Management will be replacing traditional IT management as the migration of cloud is underway. It is time for organisations to transition your management to multicloud management instead than retaining your existing team structures around your traditional IT architecture.


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