OTM On Premise 6.5.x

OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) last version for on premise is 6.4.3 since 2017. Many are encouraged to move to OTM Cloud as Oracle had stated there will not new version. Fast forward to 2021, there is a new update to the on premise approach. To my surprise, Oracle announce that there will be further patches to extend the life of on premise from 6.4.3 to 6.5.x till 6.5.3.

Source: OTMSIG Channel
Good News?

The surprise turnaround from Oracle is good news because many customers are unable to move to Cloud on time. This is not surprising as Cloud platform was faced with risk and uncertainty 3 years ago. Many struggle to migrate without a clear picture of OTM Cloud as it becomes a huge black box of PaaS (Platform as a Service).

OTM Cloud remains Innovation Platform

Those with OTM on prem will still be faced with a decision to move to OTM Cloud. The message from Oracle is that OTM Cloud will remain their innovation platform. It seem that we are unlikely to see much changes for on prem version for 6.5.x except for patches and minor enhancements.

In summary, the extension to 6.5.x will give many customers more time to migrate on premise to OTM Cloud. This is a big relief because migration to OTM Cloud is not just a technical change but a digital transformation strategy.


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