OTM Upgrade Journey

OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) upgrades are a challenge on its own. It is expected that majority of on premise OTM should move to Cloud by 202x. This push factor is spurred by the end of support of on premise enhancements. However, the switch to Cloud is met with resistance and lack of clarity on how Cloud can cater to customisation of OTM aka CEMLI. Finally, it seems that an extension is given with the release of OTM version 6.5.x. The question is what’s next? Should you continue with on premise?

Message from OTM 6.5.x

The release of OTM 6.5.x give a sign of relief for organisations who are still using on premise OTM. The push to Cloud remains and the vision to innovate OTM Cloud is still the key objective. It is likely the feature gap between 6.5.x and OTM Cloud widen to the extent that it is no longer advantageous to remain with on premise version.

Flipping the Switch to Cloud

Migration to Cloud will always be a painful process. It is a matter of time before you need to flip that switch to Cloud. There are many case studies on migration to Cloud for OTM with lesser customisation. However, it is unclear on how heavily customised OTM shall proceed with the switch. What are the type of approach available? How can we make the switch with minimum disruption to operations?

OTM upgrade remains a long marathon for on premise. Time has shown that OTM Cloud will be the de facto platform. It is estimated that on premise upgrade journey may end in 5 years time. Who knows? Maybe, there will be OTM 6.6.x.


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