Digital Transformation Role

Digital transformation role are seen sprouting all over organisations as we are pushing digitalisation amid the pandemic. There is an increased creation of such roles for many organisations. How effective is this role? Who should be best fit for this role?

Characteristics of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation role involves a complex mindset change. This role is closely tied to the track record of the person who champion behavioural change across organisations. You should find a technology savvy person who will envision how technology must improve the business processes. You will realise that implementation hands are crucial for this role as you can create and showcase POC (Proof of Concept) with no reference model.

Setting Expectations

Digital transformation is another trend in the IT history. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BPR (Business Process Reengineering) or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are some past trends that we can learn. It is important to set clear expectations of this role and what should be done to follow through its vision. Many of this disruptive change failed from the lack of buy in and follow through with users.

Digital Transformation role is a new role that many organisations have high expectations. However, there are some unique characteristics required for this role. You should also set realistic expectations and have a best fit person for the role. Thus, it is advisable to get one who are used to changes and innovation solution implementation for this role.


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