Sorry! You are not ready for Digital Transformation…

Digital Transformation is pushing the demand on IT to achieve the impossible. Learning from the ERP era, we have understood the importance of user readiness and business alignment to IT. This is one of the key failures in many ERP project. Likewise, organisations are now placing a huge risk on digital transformation role that may follow the footsteps of ERP role.

Why User Readiness is Important?

Digital Transformation must not be conducted blindly and you need to spot the alarm bells. Pre-analysis of the user readiness is an important task that digital transformation role must be accountable. It is not surprising that many organisations are following the same path as ERP and dive straight into the IT part of digital transformation. The level of user readiness will help to determine if digital transformation should be proceed or delayed. If users are not ready, you will need more time to focus and prep the users. Pressing ahead for digital transformation will be disastrous.

Blind Faith

Digital Transformation is not an IT solution or asking for IT options. This is like seeking blind faith without understanding of user readiness. Many business users or even digital transformation role will think that IT implementation qualify as the success of digital transformation project. It must be a total efforts that transform existing processes and human behaviors to leverage technologies. If you are just adding technology, then your digital transformation is blind faith!

While the hype of digital transformation is ongoing, we are still having blind faith in this process. Like our predecessors of ERP, digital transformation is not just an IT project. You will need to ensure users readiness as your first checkpoint to proceed with digital transformation. It is best to engage someone with the right mindset in this role to ensure success in your digital transformation journey.

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