ORDS 101

ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) is a cool feature to extend your Oracle database for integration via HTTPS. It will change and digital transform the way you interact and integrate to applications. This is why you need to enable ORDS for your database for future API.

Why Change to REST?

REST is changing the way applications can quickly communicate with each other. It is much simpler to setup than SOAP/XML. In a way, it can replace many of legacy integration with XML and flat file. ORDS helps to enable access via RESTful web services to data and stored procedures in your Oracle database.

Time to ORDS

Another key advantages of ORDS is security and real time performance with your Oracle database. The REST API endpoints are quick and simple to setup. The quick deployment reduces traditional integration method by eliminating the need of complex middleware setup. JSON format and paged results helps to support the ease of data responses.

If you are using Oracle database, it is time to ORDS and enable your REST capabilities. This will digital transform your integration method for other applications and agile your development.


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