ORDS vs Standard REST

Many applications are providing a standard set of REST API. Thus, you may wonder if you will still need to setup ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services). This is a quick summary on why you will need ORDS to extend the capabilities from standard REST.

Why you need to enable ORDS?

The key reason to enable ORDS is enhance what your current application can provide. Standard REST API usually provide a common information at a product level. This will mean that you may need multiple REST or additional function to get your desired datasets. In contrast, ORDS allows you to customise what you need with a single REST service. This suits high volume and reduce overheads from standard REST API.

Why stick to standard REST?

ORDS should only be used if the standard REST API cannot cater to your requirements. The good part of using standard REST API is to facilitate upgrading and lower maintenance for future. This is because these are seamlessly handled by the upgraded system. If you do not have specialised team to handle ORDS, you should stick to standard REST instead.

There are pros and cons to use ORDS instead of standard REST points. You should evaluate the setup against the user requirements. In most cases, ORDS can handle more than the standard REST.


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