Application Sustainability Framework

Sustainability framework will be creating a butterfly effect to downstream like product development or application development. There is not much guidelines for application sustainability framework because sustainability framework is produced at a holistic view. These are some points we can consider for application sustainability framework.

Automation is Sustainable

The first approach for application sustainability framework is automation of tasks. No, it’s not RPA! It is revamp of your legacy applications for automation. Human intervention in application give rise to idling and wait time. This creates inefficient workflows in your applications. The more automation there is, the higher your application sustainability will be.

Application Ecosystem

Application sustainability will require application ecosystem to obtain sustainable outcome. Applications no longer operate in silos but exist as networked ecosystem with one another. This leads to network orchestration and a rich exchange of digital information. A notable positive sustainable outcome is reduction of paper footprint in favor of digitalisation.

Two key characteristics of application sustainability framework is increased automation and application ecosystem. As a result, the network effect will drive and support the organisation sustainability framework.

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