Static Web Page with Buckets in Cloud

In the old days, you will need to setup a web server in a physics server to host a static web site. You will also need an domain name or public IP for your website to be accessible via the public internet. Do you know that you can quickly setup a simple static web page using bucket storage in Cloud?

How to Setup Your Simple Web Page in Bucket

This architecture setup is common to most cloud platforms. Usually, we called the object storage buckets.

  1. You can upload your static web pages into the buckets.
  2. If you have css or JavaScript folders, you can create them under the folders in the same buckets.
  3. Remember to grant private access for all objects within the buckets.
  4. Get the private url link for your web page and your static website is ready for viewing.

If you face errors in this setup, you can check for these common mistakes below:

  • Missing or incorrect grants to object access within the same bucket.
  • JavaScript or css errors in the files. You can use console log to check the errors.
  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) if you are embedding your static web pages in another website.
  • Wrong relative linkage of css and JavaScript folders.

You can easily setup static website without having to go through domain or server setup. This is useful for quick deployment of web page or static website. End users without in depth technical knowledge can also set this up as well.


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