ODA Chatbot using Bucket Storage in Cloud

You can easily setup static website with storage bucket in Cloud. Do you know that you can extend this setup for your ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) Chatbot? This is provided as a JavaScript library for the Chatbot web channel.

The Setup

The setup is much easier than I had thought. This is a standard setup for ODA Chatbot web channel.

  1. Create folder for JavaScript and css in the object storage bucket.
  2. Create index.html or any main page for linking to ODA Chatbot.
  3. Create authenticated URL with access to the all objects within the bucket.
  4. Test your URL to start the Chatbot.

The setup of ODA Chatbot using web channel is simpler using the object storage architecture. You do not need to create new server instance or worry about the server capacity. This is because object storage comes with having high availability and huge storage.

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