How to Summarise Notes with ChatGPT

It’s always a hassle for many to write summary of your notes after going to a conference. Sometimes, the notes are buried and you may have forgotten about it. I have found a good use of using ChatGPT to summarise your conference. This will really change how you will take down your notes during conferences. Here’s an example of my actual notes and how ChatGPT create a summary of it.

Help me summaries my notes from the Cyber Secure Singapore held on 20 Oct

Viola, Summary from ChatGPT within a minute.

Certainly! Based on your notes from Cyber Secure Singapore held on 20 Oct, here is a summary of the key points discussed:

  • Panorays: Attendees discussed the use of Panorays, a supply chain risk management solution.
  • Votiro: Votiro, a zero-trust security solution, was also discussed.
  • CREST: Attendees explored CREST implementation and procurement guides, which are cybersecurity certifications and standards.
  • Steve Kerrison: An expert in IoT security, Steve Kerrison, provided insights on IoT security.
  • Miro Phikanen: Attendees learned about the use of blockchain technology for lot number tracking through Miro Phikanen’s presentation.
  • OwlGaze: Attendees discussed cybersecurity solutions provided by OwlGaze.

Overall, the meeting seems to have been centered around exploring various cybersecurity solutions and technologies, as well as hearing from experts in the field.

Oops, it means we can work harder now.


How to blog with ChatGPT!

You can now easily “blog” with ChatGPT! Check this out.

Create a blog “how to blog with chatgpt” for end user

Instructions to ChatGPT

Welcome to the world of blogging with ChatGPT! If you are new to blogging or looking for a way to improve your blogging skills, you have come to the right place. ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that can help you create high-quality blog posts quickly and easily. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of using ChatGPT for your blogging needs.

Step 1: Choose a topic

The first step in creating a blog post is to choose a topic that you want to write about. You can brainstorm ideas yourself, or you can use ChatGPT to help you generate ideas. Simply type in a keyword or phrase related to your topic, and ChatGPT will provide you with a list of ideas to choose from.

Step 2: Create an outline

Once you have a topic in mind, the next step is to create an outline for your blog post. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that your post flows smoothly. You can use ChatGPT to help you create an outline by simply typing in your topic and letting ChatGPT generate a structure for your post.

Step 3: Write your post

With your outline in hand, it’s time to start writing your blog post. You can use ChatGPT to help you write your post by simply typing in your outline and letting ChatGPT generate the content for each section. Alternatively, you can use ChatGPT to provide you with ideas and inspiration for each section, and then write the content yourself.

Step 4: Edit and refine

Once you have written your post, it’s time to edit and refine it. You can use ChatGPT to help you with this process by providing you with suggestions for improvements, such as adding more detail, changing the tone or style, or refining your language. You can also use ChatGPT to help you with proofreading and editing, by checking for grammar and spelling errors and suggesting corrections.

Step 5: Publish and promote

With your blog post complete, it’s time to publish it and promote it to your audience. You can use ChatGPT to help you with this process by suggesting social media platforms to promote your post on, or providing you with ideas for promoting your post through other channels. You can also use ChatGPT to help you monitor the performance of your post, by tracking metrics such as page views, engagement, and shares.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help you create high-quality blog posts quickly and easily. By following these simple steps, you can use ChatGPT to generate ideas, create outlines, write content, edit and refine, and publish and promote your blog posts. So what are you waiting for? Start blogging with ChatGPT today!

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