Steps to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation have an unexpected push in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. Like all innovation, IT faces disruptions from these changes. These unexpected trends creates gaps in our approach of current IT strategy roadmap. This is a quick simple guide on the steps to digital transformation.

  1. Digital transformation is not just digital changes. Transform your mindset as well.
  2. Encourage organic growth of your resources with digital transformation knowledge instead of inorganic hiring.
  3. Digital transformation will lead to changes and the need for constant Business IT Alignment. Anticipate and be prepared for them.
  4. You cannot transform everything. Focus on your core strength and apply the digital transformation for them.
  5. Look for Digital Transformation Champions. They are passionate and will be the seed for your successful digital transformation.

These are simple steps but do expect to face challenges and resistance. However, it is always never too late to start the transformation from within you.


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