Will you be buying Electric Vehicle (EV)?

The conversation of buying Electric Vehicle pop up during a typical family conversation with family friends. We are being asked will we will be buying EV if we be changing our petrol car. Recently, there is a lot of buzz in Singapore on EV. While the intention sound noble to the sustainability cause, I feel very sceptical to owning an EV in Singapore. Instead, this article will be a positive side to encourage you to buy EV assuming all concerns have been addressed.

Pros of EV
  • EV produce lower gas emissions than combustion vehicles.
  • EV is quieter because it is running on battery power.
  • EV can use renewable energy for its battery source like solar or wind power.
  • EV could be easily monitored, automated and maintained. Imagine you can control and view your EV via your App.

The steps to EV is gradual but will be possible. I may not able to see in my lifetime. Like the mobile enabled generation, we shall soon see an EV enabled roads! Stay tuned, it will be a rough journey to save the World!


3 thoughts on “Will you be buying Electric Vehicle (EV)?

  1. EV gets more and more popular in China。Most new taxes in my city are EV。Personally,I will not buy EV because it is too quiet to make me feel sick.


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