Extra XML tags

Data today and the past is very different. We are living in a period where two types of data overlap each other. The data today looks toward free format usually in JSON. On the other hand, the yesterday data exists in field types, xsd and fixed formats. Even an extra xml tag is enough to break such fixed mapping. Many legacy systems and integration team exist to support such old data formats. How will be the new data challenge these teams to transform?

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Data Transformation

Unlike digital transformation, many underlying data remains in legacy format. Data transformation remains at a slow pace for various reasons. Cost and time are common reasons. There is also a lack of data transformation experts to convert these legacy systems. Ironically, the key reason is humans resistance to change and transform legacy data. If it is not broken, do not change it remains the key mindset.

Data Transformation Team

Organisations continue to rely on legacy integration team for their existing systems. The tomorrow system will no longer require such team as more transformation takes place. Instead, these integration team must take ownership of data transformation and support the move to unstructured data. These evolved team will also be the subject matter expert for migration towards cloud and vice versa.

In conclusion, this article comes to my mind that resonate with data transformation team – Do you need a CDO (Chief Data Officer)? The trend will continue to push towards data of today! As digital transformation push forward rapidly, we must not neglect the historical data that are left behind.


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