Normal is New

A pandemic world is something we always watch in movies. Now, we are living in an “enclosed isolated” way of working and minimising human contact. Normal is new and some even called it the “New Normal”.

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Change for the Better Good

Our “normal lives” are a thing of the past now. Looking forward, organisational changes and digital transformation must continue to permeates. If not, many of such “normalities” are proceeding at a snail pace. The “ability” to work from home and necessity to “face time” becomes the old norm of Asia office culture. Digitalisation gets a surprise push from pandemic and the switch to digital front surge in demand.


Like all evolution, extinction occurs with each phase. Industries with high touch interaction and cross borders dependencies faces extinction and goes out of business with massive lockdown and borders closure. Many small business are forced to go digital or to close down with the unrealistic cost of rentals and near zero crowds from constant lockdowns. Digitalisation finally emerge the victor from the extinction of pure traditional brick and mortars.

Our kids will be surprise at this part of the history. I can imagine how the “kings” lived in their high walls of castle surrounded by moats for protection. Regardless of how this pandemic turns out, skills resilience is key to survival. Stay Positive!


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