Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Database) is a quick security policy design for the database. This is also one of the features in OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) application. The setup of VPD can be quite painful if you are new to Oracle and OTM. In OTM, this can be a great struggle as you seek to maintain the VPD configured by your predecessor.


OTM is notoriously famous for many VPD errors when things goes wrong. Many log errors will flag as policy violations. In some cases, your OTM UI screen (User Interface) will just freeze or give a weird error if you try to edit the object. There is another instance where you find your changes cannot be committed to database.


These are some common VPD tips to speed up your understanding in OTM.

  • Test out your issue with or without VPD.
  • Always consider VPD as one of the possible root cause of reported issue.
  • VPD may not work well if your SQL contain too many relational tables.
  • Keep your SQL in VPD short and simple.
  • If your VPD is complex, consider ways to simplify it by using a column field on the object.
  • Do not implement VPD for the sake of VPD.

VPD in OTM is quite a pretty neat extension of Oracle database. You will usually need some advanced knowledge of SQL to maintain and decipher the VPD. As a rule of thumb, it is good practice to keep VPD simple to spare your future headaches.!


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