Do Not Digital Transform

Digital transformation may be the trend now with many rushing to transform their digital technologies or implement new innovations. There are many success stories reported but many have comes with trial and error. The key is to identify what not to digital transform and avoid unnecessary wastage of time, money and efforts.

Inclusion Criterion

The evaluation for digital transformation is vague in many instances due to various results and differences of business domains. What works for banking industry may not be applicable for logistics domain. Thus, you need to have clear inclusion criterion to be setup for your digital transformation program. This will allows you to pinpoint the necessary system or tools to be transform.

Exclusion Criterion

The inclusion criterion is the first step to understand what are the key things that you can digital transform. It is highly recommended to run multiple pilots to understand the nature of the tools you going to use. With deeper knowledge through realistic applications, you can form the exclusion criterion on what cannot be digital transform. For instance, voice recognition may not work in heavily accent Asian countries with different dialects.

Digital transformation could be for the good, better or worst. You need to have a clear picture and understanding of the tools that you are using. Always seek to run pilot study to know the tools well before you embark on a major digital transformation program. In this way, Agile approach is for the best.


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