Multicloud Approach

As we are moving our applications to Cloud, you realise that you are using a combination of different cloud providers. This is what we called a multicloud approach. It is now the most commonly used approach as applications are being migrated to its Cloud version.

Managing Multicloud

Multicloud strategy will be the norm for all cloud approach. The management of cloud must be taken as a single view instead of viewing as different cloud providers. Your key strategy to manage multicloud is on how to maintain each cloud like a single entity. Thus, you will need to draw up engagement rules and accountability matrix for your team. You may even consider having a primary cloud provider to manage other cloud providers. Depending on your needs, these management of multicloud must be summarised in a concerted manner.

Measuring Multicloud

There are a few ways you can consider to measure your Multicloud usage. One way is to start the management of cloud from a consumer centric view. This view utilise a user as the unit of measure. Cloud consumptions are managed at a user level. Another way is a product view where your product is leveraging on different cloud services. The product will be your unit of measure. Your selection will depends on how you intend to ROI (return on investment) from your cloud consumptions.

Multicloud approach will be the norm for all organisation. It will take time to understand and marry these cloud providers into your desired needs. Thus, you have start considering on how to manage and measure your multicloud providers in a single view.


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