Cloud Agnostic

Cloud agnostic is one approach adopted for multicloud strategy. You will need to utilise open source technology and not dependent on cloud providers. This allows your technology stack to easily switch or migrate to other cloud providers. In a way, this means you are cloud independent and not locked to a particular cloud providers.

Journey to Cloud Agnostic

The ability to be cloud agnostic is a long journey. There are growing number products that allows you to deploy in different cloud platforms e.g. WordPress. These products have leverage on open source and they are interoperability for different cloud platforms. On the other hand, your proprietary applications will be challenged to be cloud agnostic.

A View To Be

If you are at opting for multicloud managment, it is time to factor your applications for cloud agnostic. Allowing your services to be cloud agnostic will take a lot of efforts. You will need to consider on the extend of conversion required before you can embark on this journey. However, you need to bear in mind that not all applications can be cloud agnostics.

Cloud agnostic is a challenging vision if you have different technology stack. You will realise that some applications cannot be cloud agnostic.


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