Serverless 101

Traditional architecture always involve the setup of a server for applications usage. Cloud architecture changes this dynamic with the introduction of Serverless mod. This is also driven by the popularity of REST API where you can sell services with these API calls. So, what is Serverless? Is it time to make the switch?

No More Servers

Serverless is a godsend for application developers. This is because traditional architecture always involve the headache of server setup and maintenance. How much capacity will be needed? What is the running cost and setup time? Is it time to upgrade the server? Serverless eliminates all these headaches as the cloud providers will handle the hardware layers. The developers will only need to deploy the applications or functions.

Use and Pay

Another push factor to switch to serverless is cost. Serverless allows metering and you pay for your usage. Thus, this remove idle servers for your legacy applications. You also do not need to worry of infrastructure downtime as Cloud provides HA (high availability) with serverless. There is also no more running and maintenance cost with servers.

Serverless let developers focus on logic instead worrying of the infrastructure setup. Most cloud providers supports common languages like Java, Python, Nodejs or PHP. You all also gain further cost reduction by removing the servers requirements and maintenance.


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