Application Mindset Shift

Application design have come a long way but the change in user mindset is still at a snail pace. A way to mitigate this change effect is by shifting the user mindset. Technology innovation may create a bandwagon effect and some may want to jump into these. Others like operations preferred stability and less disruption from change. There are often determination and resistance of users to retain old ways for older application. How should these mindset be shifted?

Understand the Old Ways

No, RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is not the solution as always proposed! Application design often neglects the process outside of system and only focus the “As-Is” within the system. Older applications have fused with flows and processes outside of the operations. Users are used to conduct their daily tasks using the same approach.

These create a false sense on ease of use for legacy applications. One common example is shortcut keys for terminal applications that make it fast for data entry. Newer application usage of mouse and keyboard slows down operations as they need to navigate between two input devices.

Strong Case of Change

Technological innovation is never a strong case for change. Human nature resist change and crave stability. Without a compelling reason, the general users will not switch or change. This is the mindset that must be shifted. What is the case for changing the application? Users will often query “What is it in for us?”. Buy in must be initiated at all user levels and not just the management. Thus, you should provide a strong case for the application change.

Although application design have improved by leaps and bounds, the inclination to change to these updated applications remains slow. This is due to the need of stability from the users. You need to understand how users do their tasks with the old applications. Only then, you can provide a strong case of change to shift their mindset.


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