APEX REST Data Synchronisation to Local Table

Oracle APEX has an interesting feature to let you synchronise your external REST API to local database. This helps in caching and logic processing in your APEX. You can easily enable this feature without coding.

A Plus for APEX

The REST data synchronisation feature is a plus point for developers to use APEX. This is because it is common to consume or send processed data via REST API. Data replication for faster read access is also a useful feature. After learning about this feature, I find that it is very simple to enable data synchronisation.


It is not difficult to maintain this feature when the data can be cached to local database. You can also schedule refresh at different time interval. Majority of the configuration can be maintained via APEX page. It is important to take note of the following points for future maintenance.

  • Response JSON format
  • REST endpoints
  • Primary key
  • Field type
  • Parameters

If you are looking for an application for consuming multiple REST data sources. You can trial APEX data synchronisation. This feature is really useful to setup without additional coding.


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