Cloud Gateway 101

Cloud gateway is going to be a standard cloud architecture design for secure applications. There are many flavors of gateways but we will seek to understand some of the basic ones and why we need it for a secure and resilient architecture.

What are Gateways?

Cloud gateways are services that act as a bridge, control or connection between two or more distinct objects like applications, on premise and cloud. Gateway also acts as gatekeeper, throttle or insulation against healthy or malicious network traffic. In summary, gateway is another layer of protection to prevent your backend architecture from a complete meltdown if there are any vicious attacks in the Internet.

Gateway Type

These are some common gateways that you will likely adopt for your cloud architecture.

  • API gateway isolate, manage and controls the communication to your backend services and API calls like REST.
  • NAT gateway control and translates network traffic between different networks.
  • Storage gateway manage the storage from cloud to on premise storage.

Gateway is one of key components for designing of secure and resilient cloud architecture. Many cloud providers allows you to template and setup these gateways with default settings with ease. Thus, it is recommended that you must implement these gateways properly.


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