Is Chatbot worth investing?

Chatbot AI (Artificial Intelligence) is still many years behind to what we see in movies. Anyone who have encounter Chatbot will find that the AI are only good to handle happy path. The true AI will be exceptions handling and problem solving. It may take a couple more years for AI to be mature in Chatbot. So, is it worth to invest in Chatbot now?

Chatbot will define Tomorrow

Although Chatbot of today does not give what we envision, it holds a lot of potential for tomorrow. Existing organisation are not structured for Chatbot or AI. By investing in a new channel like Chatbot, you will be compel to transform towards a future AI or Chatbot teams. Logic remains key driver for existing applications, not AI. With Chatbot, you can easily bridge the gap to AI.

Better Late than Never

If your organisation is conservative, they may feel that Chatbot is redundant. Other resistance could be fear of losing jobs or the need to restrict information. Soon, you will find many Chatbot equipped with AI and many other capabilities. Organisations who have been utilising Chatbot can easily gain access to AI. Thus, it is hard to find a reason not to introduce Chatbot channel into your product offerings.

There are many debates to why Chatbot is worth investing. It is correct to say current Chatbot is lacking in AI. However, you should see Chatbot as a door into AI. You should implement Chatbot to gain access to AI for the future. If it is not now, when will it be tomorrow?


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