Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is the platform I mostly used for my Chatbot testing. Overall, it is functional and easy to setup. Usually, this means I can configure and deploy Chatbot within a day or two. As with all platforms, there are pros and cons. This is a quick summary if you are interested in ODA.

What I Like

These are some features which I like the most.

  • Sample templates and tutorials to get started.
  • Easy integration to translation services.
  • Quick setup for some Channels integration like Teams and Web
  • Extension via web hook and custom components.
  • Versioning support
  • Easy switch of versions on different channels
What I would Like

This will be some common configuration which Chatbot platform should have for the future.

  • Languages without consideration to native or non native.
  • Configurable connection to REST API.
  • Configuration for login services.
  • Rich UI for chat messages.
  • More samples chat with REST custom components.
  • Configuration for map services, camera, QR scan or document storage.
  • Web SDK for PWA (Progressive Web App)

In summary, ODA serves well to setup Chatbot quickly without much fanfare if you are creating basic needs like knowledge base or technical support. However, you will require advanced technical knowledge to integrate different services to ODA as they are still quick code driven than configuration.


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