Do Not Socialise

COVID-19 is a new major experience for all. A confused message is underway to limit socialising to once a day and cease workplace interactions from 8 Sep. My hope towards mask free endemic has become a far far thought. I will expect this to materialise by 2022 with regular booster vaccine. Meanwhile, we are literally converting from wfh (work from home) to work alone at workplace.

Work in Office is Socialising

A key aspect of working in office is socialising. Of course, these are exceptions for essential workers. Gatherings, coffee breaks and pantries are ways of informal exchange of information. These are often not replaceable by group chat because many of these encounters are as ad hoc in nature. Restricting these exchanges will defeat the purpose of working in office. Literally, it is telling you to be physically in office but socially removed.

Bring your Own Risk

The messages conveyed are confusing to organisation and individuals. If there is no further lockdowns, why are Quarantine Orders (QO) or LOA (Leave of Absence) still being issued? This means risk are in your own hands. Yes, you can go out or work in office. If there is QO or LOA, it is yours to bear. This means that teams should determine the importance level of working in office or risk exposure by blind compliance.

The endemic is shaping the risk and mindset for many of us. This is why guidelines are set instead of rules. We must be allowed to determine our own risk appetite towards COVID-19 at our discretion.


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